Listen to the City Panning Dept’s Presentation on the Ordinance

Here are the facts:

The Arts District Community unceremoniously discovered that in order to bypass community outrage over the Arts District Interim Ordinance, the City Planning Dept. simply renamed it to the Hybrid Industrial Ordinance claiming that it was brought about by the urgency of a 7 year old study that is no longer relevant.  This after two years of sitting at the table working through many of the issues the AD was and continues to experience.

They further set up a “public” meeting without notifying Arts District Leadership first and refused to change it.  Leadership demanded they appear before the community to explained themselves this is what ensued. Below is the meeting held at Sciarc by the HCMC?LARABA Urban Design & Land Use Committee on June 24th with the City Planning Dept.

Fast forward to 25:25 to start the Planning Dept’s presentation.



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